About Legit IT Repairs & Services

Legit IT Repairs & Services is a Auckland, NZ based Mobile, Laptop, Mac and Computer RepairCentre. Basically we repair all major brands of Smartphone, PCs, Laptops, Tablet, Flash Drive and Gaming Console devices issues.

Who we are

At Legit IT Repair & Services we are obsessed about gadgets and gizmos. We’re the folks standing in line on launch day waiting for the latest smartphone.We love all things tech, but don’t confuse our passion for snobbery. We’re not self-described geniuses, but we are experts at what we do.

Why choose us

Legit IT Repairs & Services fixes electronic devices (it’s in our name after all). Whether you’re a secret agent who jumped out of a plane and forgot that your iPhone 6 was in your pocket so it took a painful journey to the ground without a parachute, or you just dropped your tablet in the toilet. Don’t worry, we’ve been there ourselves; maybe not the secret agent part, but we understand how traumatic it is when you break your precious devices.

Our Core Values

We come to you 

Our IT Techs will visit you wherever you want. We come to your office, home, hotel or any other location you choose, and fix your phone in front of you. It only takes about 30 minutes, and you can carry on your day – there’s no need to stop what you’re doing.

We guarantee our work for 3 months

Because we only use the best quality parts and people, we give a no-fuss 3 month warranty on every repair we do.

Your data is safe

Because your phone is repaired in front of you, you can be absolutely sure that the personal data on your phone stays secure.

Our IT Techs are the best in the business 

Our repairs are carried out to the highest standards and all our IT Techs are expert, highly-trained repair technicians who have undergone rigorous technical and background checks.

We don’t charge until you are 100% happy 

Legit IT Repairs & Services work on a “no fix, no fee” basis, where payment is only ever taken after the repair is completed and you’re 100% happy. In the unlikely event our IT Tech can’t fix your phone, you won’t be asked to pay anything. (No Fix, No Fee excludes Water Damage repairs)

We have repaired tens of thousands of phones

We’ve been repairing mobile phones and tablets for years. Our experienced IT Techs have repaired thousands of phones just like yours, so we really know what we’re doing.

We love to give great service

We’re real people, and you can call us any time to speak to one of our experienced IT Techs for advice.

We cover the whole of the Auckland 

Our repair service is available nationwide, meaning you get the fastest repairs no matter where you live.

We’re clear about pricing

We let you know exactly what the cost will be before you book a repair. And if our engineers find another problem when they’re with you, we’ll let you know before any work is carried out.

Our Process

Easy and effective way to get your device repaired


when your device is need to be fixed please no panic and relaxed

2Call Us Anytime

We will collect your device anywhere from Auckland


We will take care of it and work with it to fix it smooth and accurately


After a quick fix, we just return it or you can collect from anywhere in Auckland

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